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Vander Haeghen House open to the public

Since the end of April 2019, the downstairs section of Arnold Vander Haeghen House in Veldstraat has been open to the public. Apart from an attractively furnished dining room and a unique Chinese salon, you will also find the cabinet of Nobel Prize winner, Maurice Maeterlinck.

Open on Saturdays, and Sundays from 2.00 to 6.00 p.m.

The glory days of Arnold Vander Haeghen

The interior of this lovely house evokes the atmosphere of the early twentieth century, the glory days of Arnold Vander Haeghen. He was a passionate amateur photographer who can certainly be described as a street photographer ‘avant la lettre’. He took to the street with his camera and photographed people as they went about their daily business. He was more interested in that than in spectacular events. Consequently, his work yields a wealth of information on Ghent and Flemish daily life around the turn of the century and covers the lives of both ordinary men and women and the middle classes.

Chinese salon

The vestibule and dining room give a hint of the belle époque, while the Chinese salon, with its original 18th-century silk wallpaper, was also one of the best rooms in the Vander Haeghen family house. The wallpaper is also unique in its kind. Although six Chinese salons have been preserved in Ghent, the Chinese salon of Arnold Vander Haeghen House is the only one where silk has been used for decoration. All other wall paintings are on paper, reinforced with a linen base.

Maeterlinck’s study

The odd room out in Arnold Vander Haeghen House is the cabinet which belonged to Maurice Maeterlinck, a contemporary of Arnold Vander Haeghen. Let’s make it quite clear that Nobel Prize winner Maurice never stayed in this house. His study from Orlamonde in Nice, where he lived and worked until his death in 1949, was donated by his family to the City of Ghent in 1973. It found a good home at Veldstraat 82..

Practical information

The downstairs section of Arnold Vander Haeghen House, like Hotel d'Hane Steenhuyse on the other side of the road, is open to the public on Saturdays, and Sundays between 2.00 and 6.00 p.m.
Admission is free, but voluntary donations are appreciated.

Huis Arnold Vander Haeghen
Veldstraat 82
9000 Ghent

Chinees salon

In de vestibule en de eetkamer snuif je een vleugje belle epoque op, terwijl het Chinees salon, met haar origineel 18de-eeuws zijden behang ook voor de familie Vander Haeghen een pronkkamer was. Het behang is dan ook uniek in haar soort. Hoewel er in Gent nog een zestal Chinese salons bewaard zijn gebleven, is er alleen in het Chinees salon van Huis Arnold Vander Haeghen op zijde gewerkt. Alle andere wandschilderingen zijn uitgevoerd op papier, dat versterkt werd op een drager van linnen.

Kabinet Maeterlinck

Het buitenbeentje in Huis Arnold Vander Haeghen is het kabinet van Maurice Maeterlinck, een tijdgenoot van Arnold Vander Haeghen. Voor alle duidelijkheid: Nobelprijswinnaar Maurice Maeterlinck verbleef nooit in het huis. Zijn werkkamer uit Orlamonde in Nice, waar hij tot aan zijn dood in 1949 woonde en werkte, werd in 1973 door de familie aan de stad Gent geschonken. In de Veldstraat 82 vond het een goed onderkomen.