Sint-Pietersabdij kampvuur

Our historic houses are temporarily closing their doors.

Everything is quiet. Quiet in our abbeys, our city palaces, our castle. Just now, more than ever, our houses long for your admiring glances from the keep, your whispers in the corridors, your daydreaming in our salons, your smiles as you listen to our our audio guides and your cheerful conversations afterwards in the Pietersbar. Just when we all want to be out and about, looking for warmth and security. Just when a little culture would be so healing...

But needs must. We are in full support of the new measures. Only together can we contain the spread of the coronavirus and form a buffer around our hospitals and their staff.

We are happy that we have been able to welcome you over the last few months. And proud that together we have succeeded in doing so in a safe and enjoyable way. But the virus is back with a vengeance. We all need to retreat to the warmth of our own homes and try to make the best of it.

If you have tickets for one of our historic houses, we’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible. We are cancelling or rescheduling all our events for the time being until the end of November.

Meanwhile, we’ll carry on working behind the scenes on new projects and plans. We’ll be back... just as soon as it’s safe.

Look after each other, and yourselves. Keep talking to friends and family, that's how we’ll get through it. And for everyone who craves some greenery and fresh air: we’ll be keeping the garden at St. Peter's Abbey open to you from Tuesday to Friday. Enjoy it, but stay safe.

The Historische Huizen Gent Team