Our house rules

We’ve missed you and are glad to welcome you again! But we prefer to do this as safe as possible, for your and our health. Exceptional times require exceptional arrangements. So please read them before you drop by.

To keep everyone safe:

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  • we are limiting the number of visitors
  • we maintain a distance of 1.50 metres from others 
  • we wear a face mask
  • we ensure good hygiene
  • we disinfect the audio devices after each use*
  • we are putting up extra signage

* At the Castle of the Counts and the St Peter’s Abbey the audio guide is an essential part of your visit. The device is disinfected after each use. Headphones are not provided. You can listen directly to the device’s speaker or bring along your own earbuds. Disposable earbuds are also available for sale.

We ask you to:

  • buy your tickets in advance online for a visit to the Castle of the Counts, the St Peter’s Abbey and the Belfry.
  • maintain a distance of 1.50 metres from others
  • wear a face mask   
  • apply the necessary hand hygiene 
  • not pay in cash
  • not stray off the indicated routes 
    • in the Castle of the Counts: don't overtake other visitors on spiral staircases and ramparts.
    • in the Castle of the Counts and St. Peter's Abbey: make room after activating the audio story (listening can also be done from a distance)
    • in the City Palaces: give priority to descending visitors when using the stairs
    • in the Belfry: the lift can be used by up to 2 people at the same time
    • if you are visiting as a family or small group, remain together as much as possible