Expo Wonderlijke Voyage

About the expo

This new exhibition experience will plunge you into a world of discovery, wonder and adventure and will fascinate young and old alike.

Wondrous Voyage

From Ghent to East India

Exactly 300 years ago, Ghent native Michael de Febure took the trip of a lifetime. In 1721, he boarded the Sint-Pieter and went on a trade mission to the East Indies. Never before had he travelled far from Ghent. He wrote down his wonderful experiences in detail in a travel diary which has been preserved to this day.

A compelling audio story

In this new exhibition-experience, top actors guide you through a compelling audio story. The captain, together with his crew, welcomes you on board his ship. It will be anything but an easy voyage.

The audio story is available in English, French and Dutch.

Unique objects

Between historical nautical charts, ship models, exotic animals and exclusive finds from 18th century shipwrecks, you will navigate to a distant, fascinating past, moving from one new discovery to another.

You will experience the constant fear of privateers and pirates, explore the Cape Verde Islands and brave severe storms. Along the way you will discover the wonderful marine life before finally calling at the Indian port city of Surat, a melting pot of cultures, smells, spices and exotic products.

Kids and Toddler-proof!

Armed with a booklet and a viewer, your little sailor can go in search of unique objects on board the ship. Travellers aged 7 and over can explore with the audioguide.

Audioguide and booklet available in English, French and Dutch.

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