In a group

Historische Huizen Gent has a nice offer for groups. Both about the history of the abbey and its southern abbey garden, as well as about the temporary exhibitions. If you would like to have a bite to eat afterwards, book in advance in our Pietersbar.

St. Peter's Abbey with guide

Be accompanied by one of our specialist guides and discover everything about the fascinating history of the abbey.

Languages - available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish
Duration - 90 minutes
Number - maximum of 20 people per guide
Price - € 93 per guide
Bookings - book online

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You can request your group visit via our booking office 'BoekjeBezoek'

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Wine stroll: 'Living of the heavenly dew'

Did you know that St Peter’s Abbey was the centre of the Ghent wine trade in the Middle Ages? Monks grew grapes on the slope to the River Scheldt behind the abbey, and you can still find vines there today. The beautiful vineyard of yesteryear was recultivated in 1983, and each year, the guild of wine measurers uses the harvest to make fresh wine. This interactive stroll will stimulate all your senses, but, obviously, your taste buds most of all.

Languages - only available in Dutch
Duration - 2 hours
Number - maximum 20 people per guide
Price - € 176 per guide (including admission + glass of wine/grape juice)
Availability - from May to October
Bookings - book online 

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You can request your group visit via our booking office 'BoekjeBezoek'

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Film Guide Alison

Raphael was found dead in St Peter’s Abbey. An accident? Or murder? Digital monk Alison takes you on an exciting and mysterious tour through the oldest monument in Flanders. The search for the murderer of his young friend takes you to rooms which you would otherwise never enter. Along the way, you pass by lots of nice things: the medieval refectory, the majestic Abbey church, the splendid gardens, and endless lofts. You move around literally between heaven and earth and reel from one surprise to the next. 

Languages - available in Dutch, French and English
Duration - 90 minutes
Price - € 4 per person
Reservation - we recommend booking online in advance, so you can be sure of your place.


St Peter’s Abbey has built a fine reputation as a home for exhibitions. In the autumn, you can enjoy cultural and historical exhibitions, and during the summer months, we usually focus on photography. 

Check out our range of exhibitions here