With children

The Castle of the Counts captures the imagination with its thick walls and steep spiral staircases, and not in the least for children. It’s a place where they themselves can act as knights and princesses. All year round, you can come with your children on a voyage of discovery or give them a birthday party. Once a year, the castle really does come to life!

Comedy audioguide

Children aged at least 8 can discover or rediscover the Castle of the Counts with a unique audio guide by comedian Wouter Deprez. He gives his own individual and witty view of the emergence of Flanders’ most imposing fortress. He serves up his own individual view of the world of roaming counts, crusaders, and courtly love. With the equally poetic and amusing drawings of illustrator Randall Casaer, you really can immerse yourself in the Middle Ages.

Languages - available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish
Duration - 90 minutes
Price - included in the admission ticket
Bookings - online

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Visio guide for deaf and hearing impaired persons

The hearing impaired can experience Wouter Deprez’s comedy tour thanks to a visio guide. This multimedia guide is available in Flemish or international sign language and is included in the ticket price. We recommend that you book your visio guide prior to your visit through our ticket shop.

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Birthday parties

Do you want an idea for your son or daughter’s birthday party? What about a royal reception in the Castle of the Counts? Together with all their friends, children can put together their own royal household, dive into the fancy dress case, and discover the castle in a playful manner.

Languages - only available in Dutch
Age - for children from the 1st to the 6th grade
Number - maximum 15 people with at least 1 adult supervisor
Duration - 2.5 hours
Price -  € 160
Inclusive - guided tour, use of the fancy dress case, 15 little cakes, 15 drinks (apple or orange juice) and 15 invitation cards
Availability - on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 2.00 to 4.30 p.m.

Note: Book your birthday party at least 10 days in advance!

Party in the castle

Once a year, the castle comes alive. You go back in time to the Castle of the Counts of the Middle Ages. Knights set up camp and, together with noble ladies, soothsayers, jesters, and fire breathers, they provide a whole day brimming with activity in the castle. So brace yourself for a real medieval party for young and old and, of course, lots of songs and dancing!