Gravensteen tekening Randall Casaer
© Patrick Henry

Comedy audio tour

The history of the Castle of the Counts with a touch of humour? Yes, we do that! Just follow the audio guide by Wouter Deprez, one of Flanders’ most well known comedians.

In his well-known witty style, Wouter Deprez takes you on his tour of the Castle of the Counts. Through the unique audio guide, he shares his fascination for Philip of Alsace, builder of Flanders’ most impressive fortress. He serves up his view of a world of roaming counts, crusaders, and courtly love. With the equally poetic and amusing drawings of illustrator Randall Casaer, you feel the spirit of the Middle Ages. 

Wouter Deprez brings the history of the Castle of the Counts with irony. For instance, the obstacles which had to be overcome to gain access to the castle fire his imagination, and he’s also fascinated by the question as to why Philip of Alsace had no children. He takes a closer look at the legal system of olden times, but also considers the way in which they looked upon the sanitary stop in the Castle of the Counts. In this way, he gives visitors the opportunity to consider the history of the castle from another perspective. The handsome drawings by Randall Casaer along the route only serve to reinforce the story.

The audio guide is included in the entrance ticket.
Available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.

Witchcraft, tournaments, adultery, and hefty religious unrest: the Castle of the Counts brings together all my hobbies. It’s a hugely interesting adventure for me to show the way in this fantastic fortress.

Wouter Deprez, comedian