Little Guide Gravensteen
© Martin Corlazzoli

Little Guide Gravensteen

Anyone visiting the Castle of the Counts with young children can now take them on an exciting quest for the lost jester. Along the way, you will discover interesting facts about this old castle and its former inhabitants. Mission accomplished? Then your young investigators will receive a nice souvenir.

Where has that jester gone?

There is a big party coming up, but disaster oh disaster, the jester has disappeared! Who will take care of the jokes? Who will soon tell all those lovely stories about knights and princesses?

Together with your children, you go looking for him. The animals in Randall Casaer's drawings show you the way past narrow tower steps, sturdy battlements and imaginative rooms. Will you find the jester before the party starts...?

Practical info

  • Included in the entrance fee
  • Suitable for children aged 3 to 8
  • Available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish