WOLF - Frederik Buyckx

Meet & greet Frederik Buyckx

Discover the exhibition WOLF and have a chat with its photographer Frederik Buyckx.

St Peter’s Abbey - Pietersbar

25 May 2024

14h until 17h.

The meet & greet is free with purchase of expo ticket

In places where man and nature still live in symbiosis, the photographer went in search of the tension between breathtaking beauty and danger. Overwhelmed by its dazzling splendour, Frederik Buyckx learned how to deal with nature’s extremes and its omnipotence – and the fear they invoke. His images document the discoveries he made during his personal journey to remote terrains.  What if the crux of human existence is not comfort but freedom?

WOLF is the starting point for conversations about beauty, nature, danger, freedom, comfort, flight, etc. A conversation with Frederik offers insight into the creation of the expo, e.g. about the stories behind the images. Frederik is open to dialogue and interaction with you. Is there a question about Frederik's photos you would like to ask him?

There's also a second meet & greet on the 29th of May.